King Sized Dilemma

08 May

I am never, ever quilting a king size ever again! Here’s what I’ve been working on while I’ve been in the blogging black hole:

It’s what I’ve been calling “The Practice Quilt.” Here’s the story:

A few weeks back I thought I was ready to start quilting the infamous purple quilt, and I started about 5 straight lines going the length of the quilt. I hated it. It showcased how un-straight everything was. So I ripped it out and knew I wanted to do something besides straight lines. Which meant- gasp!- FREE MOTION! I’ve never done any free motion quilting before so I practiced some stippling on a few big scraps. Well, even after I got the hang of it, I wasn’t convinced I was ready- I mean, I spent a lot of money on that purple quilt- I didn’t want to ruin it! So I decided I needed to practice on something more to scale so I could get the real feel of stippling with the weight of a full sized quilt behind it. Except by full-size I mean king-sized.

We had his huge green fleece blanket that we’ve been using for a few years as our in-between winter and summer blanket. Only, it was fraying at the edges, it collected lots of dog hair, and it wasn’t very pretty. So I decided I needed to cover it, and now I had the perfect idea- not only would I cover it, I’d quilt it and practice stippling on it! So I got to work sewing 16 yards of fabric into a front and back.

I had to spread this thing out in our empty dining room- and it filled the room!!! I basted it and got quilting.

This thing was a beast to quilt! Not only did I have to battle the sheer size of it, the blanket was a very dense fleece– not the fluffy light kind– so it was extremely heavy, too. It made my back hurt and my arms sore pushing and pulling this thing around. Quilting the middle was the worst. After about a week I finished. And vowed to never ever free motion quilt a king size quilt ever again. Ever. Never. Never ever. No way.

BUT- I did kill two birds with one stone. I finally covered this monster blanket after putting it off for a long time (16 yards of fabric sitting on two bolts isn’t the biggest motivator in the world), and I got a ton of practice stippling. So now I think I’m ready to move on to the purple quilt. Soon.

Of course after I finished binding the practice quilt (I feel a little funny calling it a quilt, since it’s not pieced), I washed it and put it on the bed to take some pictures. It didn’t take long for these two bears to join me:

I have to admit, they make it look even snuggly-er.

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