Oh yeah, I have a blog!

10 Feb

Whoopsie Daisy! You might think I’ve not written on the blog because I’ve been incredibly busy… but, you’d be wrong. I don’t know what I’ve been keeping busy with lately, but I haven’t had much to blog about. I stalled out on the purple quilt, but I just got back to it over the last two days. I had to buy a new 12.5″x12.5″ ruler to square off my blocks. I don’t know how it happened, but they were all different sizes! Some needed just about 1/8″ off on one or two sides, but some needed 1/4″ off! It’s not very fun to square off, so I took a long time doing it. Anyway, here’s where I am now:

I have my first row sewn together. This means I decided to add the white sashing in. I draped this row over the bed I want to use the quilt on and somehow it ended up much, much shorter than I originally planned. I must be awful at math or something, because it seems like everything is coming out a surprise for this quilt. To compensate for the shortness I’m going to start thinking up a border. Time to check out all the scraps I made while cutting this fabric and see what I can come up with.

Speaking of fabric, I did get some more. My excuse is that I’m building my stash. Actually, two out of three of my purchases were for specified projects, so only one is to stash away.

I got this fun flannel from Joann’s to use as the backing for the denim quilt. I even got it on an awesome sale- just $2.50/yard! I love all the bright colors. Too bad I have no idea when I’ll even be able to start piecing this quilt together.

This is the fabric I bought just for fun, to stash away. It’s Chez Moi Hunky Dory Garden in Blue Sky and I bought it here. I don’t remember how I found this fabric, but once I did I noticed not very many people had it in stock, so I bought some up before it totally disappears.

My last purchase I can only give you a sneak peek at, because it’s going to become a surprise for someone special.

It’s a fat quarter bundle, but that’s all I’m sayin’. I can’t wait to start on this project!

On the running front, things are going pretty slow. I only ran 10 miles last week because I still felt sick. I think I started running too quickly when I started to feel just a little better, so the cold came back for a second round. I’m starting to get a little worried… if I want to make it to 1,000 miles I have to start running at least 20 miles per week pretty consistently. That’s not too bad if you’re running every day, but I’m taking 2 days a week off (Tues and Thurs, when I teach). So either I’ll have to start upping my miles per run, or I’ll have to suck it up and start running on either Tues or Thurs. In any case, NOT looking forward to the February weather that’s coming our way this weekend. Not at all.

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One response to “Oh yeah, I have a blog!

  1. Helen Gutowski

    February 11, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    another surprise quilt? I like the colors, green and gray. I LOVE the other fabrics, you know I like the bright ones. How’s the machine?


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