Mudroom Mini-Makeover

27 Jan

You know one thing I’m really good at? I’m really good at thinking up new projects when I’ve already got plenty of stuff to keep me busy. You know, like when I was in my last year at Purdue, I decided I should teach three classes, edit a magazine, write a thesis and plan a wedding. No biggie. So the other day I decided I didn’t have enough going on with school starting back up, running again and catching the quilting bug. I decided I also needed a home improvement project. And for some reason I picked our mudroom to fix up. So that’s what I’ve been up to.

I dare-n’t even show you what it looked like lately, so here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

Pretty standard, boring and only semi-functional.

And, after a bunch of shopping around, painting, sewing, hanging, and a week’s worth of time:

I decided the thing I wanted most was to be able to cover all our clutter up, so I sewed these curtains from fabric I bought at Joann’s. It’s made by Waverly, and luckily it was 50% off. Still not very cheap, but pretty, right?!

So, okay, here’s the real reveal:

A little more functional and fun. Here’s what I did:

1. Painted the back wall the same green as our family room. Don’t ask me what color it is, Bud at the hardware store took an hour and 4 cans of paint to mix the color to match the paint can I brought in. Luckily, he’d mixed the first can about 2 years ago and remembered it, so he was dead set on getting it right.

2. Added another wire shelf at the top to span the whole closet. This makes so much more sense.

3. Painted the rest of the walls Moth Gray to match all our hallways. I actually already had this paint, so no $$ spent there.

4. Sewed and hung the curtains. This took all day today. But I think my Mom will be proud that I did it myself! They are up on clippy rings, so they were very easy to hang.

5. Hung our new magnetic board to replace an old bulletin board we’d had up there.

6. Filled it back up with our (re-organized) stuff. We already had the brown & blue bins, Brian bought them when we first moved in. The cabinet we’ve had in this closet for over a year, it’s from Ikea and I love it.

We also bought this container for the dog food:

It’s from The Container Store. (I LOVE THE CONTAINER STORE!!!) We used to just throw our 40 lbs. bag of dog food in the little nook where this container now stands, but it was really scraping up the wall and making a mess. If you are still scooping dog food from the bag, seriously consider getting one of these. Feeding the dogs is so much easier now.

The magnetic board, magnetic basket and super-strong-but-small magnets are also from the Container Store.

Feel free to pay any of those bills. I just love that I can write the due-date above the bill as a quick reminder. The board came with the cool eraser that the marker snaps into- genius! And, look- those itty bitty magnets are strong enough to hold up my keys! I thought it was cool that I didn’t have to buy a separate key hook rack. (The Lowes bag is an item I didn’t end up needing, so it’s To-Return.)

There are still a few things left to do. We usually hang our coats in here- all the way to the right we had a coat hook rack, but it broke when Brian took it down, so I have to buy another one. I also want to get another basket for hats and gloves to sit on the wire shelves. I’ll also be on the lookout for some cute knick-knack to go on the windowsill and maybe a super fun light fixture in the future.

So, almost done. But not quite. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also did this this week:

Whoopsie! This plastic strainer was sitting on top of this pot (from spaghetti dinner the night before) when I turned on the wrong burner. I meant to boil some water in our teapot, but instead the strainer melted and caught fire. Yep- an honest to goodness kitchen fire. Luckily I caught it in time so the only thing ruined was the pot and strainer. It also STUNK. Really bad. Like, so bad Finnegan wouldn’t come back in the house.

I have managed to do some quilting this week too, but I’ll save those pics for when I’ve made more progress. I’ll let you know how my new pot works too! Hey, you’re not a “real” cook until you’ve had at least one kitchen fire, right?


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2 responses to “Mudroom Mini-Makeover

  1. Anna @ On Anna's Plate

    January 27, 2012 at 5:41 PM

    Haha…reminds me of when I decided to overhaul our workout room…the day before we hosted a big dinner party. There’s something about working well under pressure.

    It looks great!! We have a mudroom in our new house, and it is really a MUD room– so dirty and dogified. I wish we could do a room makeover, but that probably won’t happen before Lila gets here.

  2. helen

    January 29, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    sorry cooking for about 40 years and never had a kitchen fire in my house,.


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