You’ve Got Mail!

12 Jan

Not email, REAL MAIL! Now I remember why it was so cool in first grade to have a pen pal- mail is fun! (As long as it’s not bills.) You know you’re officially part of the “internet age” when email feels lame and snail mail is cool again. I’ve been sending and receiving a lot more mail lately and today my ears perked up when I heard the mail lady’s truck coming down the street because I knew I had something special coming. More on that, but first, I sent this off to my mom a few days ago and she should be getting it delivered today:

Yep, it’s part of that super-secret project I can’t announce yet. I’m such a tease! Thanks Mom, for your help with this- I can’t wait to see it all finished, but it won’t be QUITE a while until I can post about it again. So say goodbye to those purple polka dots until, say… October. (That’s a huge hint for some of you!) … … … (and, no, I’m not having a baby, so guess again.)

So here’s what I got delivered in the mail today:
Surprise, surprise! More fabric! I used some of this fabric for a baby quilt I just made and I fell in love with it, so I decided to make a quilt to keep for myself! Some of them are new, too. They are prints from Art Gallery and Joel Dewberry that I got from Moona Fabrics on Etsy.

Here they are all spread out together. I really LOVE all these fabrics, but I’m not 100% sure about using them all. What I wanted was to make a quilt inspired by the purple and turquoise in this print:

Here they are laid out again, but with the prints I’m questioning laid out on the side:

I think all the purples and blues look pretty good, but I’m not sure about the taupe and whites. What do you think, should I keep them in, or not? It doesn’t matter too much yet because I haven’t decided on a pattern either! I’ll probably be spending a lot of time laying them out and admiring them and browsing through possible patterns.

And I’ll probably be doing all that quilt-storming as another way to procrastinate from working on this:

That’s the mess that happens when I am trying to plan my class syllabus. (Which is what I should be doing right now!) My friend and colleague at Butler has a great term for this (excuse my language): syllabitching. That’s pretty much how I feel about it. I just hate committing to things so far in advance! I know come late February or March I’ll be passing out an updated syllabus to my students after I change my mind about something. I do need to get this done- school starts on Tuesday! Truman’s not happy about that.

I’ll miss spending 24 hours a day with this face!



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