Ben’s Girls

10 Jan

Here’s why it’s likely I won’t be making any Monday night posts: too much TV! “Castle” is my #1 show to watch, annnnnd Brian and I have joined a Bachelor fantasy league! You know, like a Fantasy Football League, only… for the Bachelor. Roll your eyes all you want, but it’s one guilty pleasure I’m not likely to give up soon. I got a pretty horrible seed in the draft order- second to last- and when you’re only drafting three rounds, that really sucks. But, I think I did fairly well because I think 2/3 of my girls will be sticking around for the long haul and one is defintely getting me points next week for fainting! Here are my girls and our league’s official rules:

Emily- will hopefully get in a feudEmily

Erika (not going to win, but will faint next week)Erika

Kacie B. (In it to win it!)Kacie B.

Scoring Breakdown:

—Calling Ben a pet name: 5 points
—Giving Ben a Gift: 10 points
—Mentioning Ashley: 5 points
—Inciting Erection: 25 points
—Hinting at Procreation With Ben: 10 points
—Cooking for Ben: 5 points
—Telling Ben You Love Him: 20 points (first instance only)
—Winning Final Rose: 50 points
—Fainting: 20 points
—Winning a Nobel Prize: -100 points


  • Female Crying: 5 points
  • Male Crying: 20 points
  • Asking if a fellow cast member is there “for the right reasons”: 10 points
  • Saying, “I didn’t come here to make friends”: 10 points
  • Trying to make someone cry and succeeding: 25 points
  • Trying to make someone cry and failing: -5 to -25 points (commissioner’s discretion)
  • Blaming parents for poor behavior: 10 points
  • Calling a friend or relative at home, crying, and saying, “Everyone here hates me”: 20 points
  • Threatening to sue fellow cast member: 25 points
  • Being subject of an intervention: 30 points (Celebrity Rehab stars excluded)
  • Plugging an acting, modeling, or singing career: 10 points
  • Singing song in front of two or more people: 20 points


  • Open-mouth kissing: 5 points per participant
  • Coitus (or pulling over covers in bed): 25 points per participant
  • Denying coitus: 10 points
  • Fraudulent denial of coitus: 20 points
  • Fraudulent claim of coitus: 25 points
  • Participating in threesome: 50 points per participant
  • STD scare: 30 points per sexual partner
  • Pregnancy scare: 50 points per sexual partner
  • Intentional nudity: 20 points
  • Unintentional nudity: 5 points
  • Hitting on the show’s host: 5 to 15 points (commissioner’s discretion)
  • Possession of concealed erection: 10 to 25 points (commissioner’s discretion)
  • Revealing past career in pornography: 50 points
  • Going on a show-sanctioned overnight date and not hooking up: -25 points per participant (The Bachelorette and Love in the Wild only)


  • Verbal Fighting: 5 points
  • Physical Fighting: 25 points
  • Decisively winning physical fight: 25 points
  • Throwing drink in someone’s face: 5 points
  • Having unexplained black eye, fat lip, or bloody knuckles: 25 points
  • Being restrained or lectured on camera by security or production staff: 25 points
  • Requesting to be assaulted: 10 points
  • Invoking show’s rules as only reason for not committing assault: 10 points
  • Attempting to fight show’s host: 100 points


  • Extreme intoxication: 5 to 25 points (commissioner’s discretion)
  • Vomiting: 10 points
  • Having car keys taken away: 5 points
  • Being kicked out of bar or club: 20 points


  • Violating stated religious beliefs: 25 points
  • Attending church: -10 points
  • Non-court-ordered volunteer work: -25 points

Early Departures

  • Being kicked off show: 100 points (must be eliminated outside of game play)
  • Causing others to threaten to leave show: 15 points
  • Threatening to leave show and not following through: 15 points
  • Threatening to leave show and following through: 30 points

Hot Tub/Helicopter Bonus

  • Any points earned in hot tub and/or helicopter are scored at double value.

I predict Kacie makes it to the final 3, and if she does there’s almost guarunteed helicopter/hot tub points! In any case, this league is making Monday nights even more enjoyable- now I get to root for a girl to cry and cheer when she faints! I know, not my best, but don’t judge!  Who do you think will get the final rose?

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One response to “Ben’s Girls

  1. Anna @ On Anna's Plate

    January 11, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    Well, you know how much I love this. I think you’ve got a finalist with Kasey B…although she might fall under the “great first date curse” that happens in so many seasons…


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