09 Jan

Brian and I spent most of the day cleaning up and cleaning out. Brian wanted to go through our file cabinet and a trash-bag-and-a-half later we were cleaning out wallets, purses and picking up dog litter in the backyard. I guess we just found some momentum.

I took a day off of running today, but here’s my progress.

I also worked on the denim quilt. I got some more work done cutting squares and I figured my dimensions and requirements.

Drawing the Pattern

Quilting Math: figuring dimensions and how many squares I’ll need

That’s 216 small squares and 38 big squares!

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Like I said, the quilt top will be ragged, like this (the first quilt I ever made by myself):

I also said I’d share some of the quilts my Mom and I have worked on together. They’ve all been gifts; we gave four to friends when I graduated high school and three to friends as wedding gifts. Here are pics of the three wedding quilts:

Callie & Me with Wedding Quilt
Pattern: “Split Hearts” by Kathy Reinhard Image

Kim with Wedding Quilt
A Triple Irish Chain

Sarah & Chris with Wedding Quilt

I really wish I had a better picture of Sarah’s quilt! Maybe the next time I’m visiting her house I’ll ask to take a few. There really is a story behind each of these quilts and I tried to match each one to each girl’s personality. Callie’s quilt took the longest- picking out all the fabric and then embroidering each heart on took forever! Mom and I bickered over the fabrics in Kim’s quilt- sometimes Mom can’t picture the colors that I choose working together, but they do! Sarah’s quilt is made out of reproduction fabric- which I love. Maybe someday I’ll get that reproduction fabric quilt Mom promised me for my wedding three years ago!

Now I’m going to fall asleep reading one of my new books: Cinderella Ate My Daughter. I’m thinking about using this for my class- it’s a non-fiction book about girly-girl culture and the influence of media (DISNEY!!!) Hopefully it’ll be good!

Odds and Ends

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