New Year, new motivation

07 Jan

So, update #1. I ran my first mini-marathon in November. I finished, didn’t do as well as I wanted, but I did run the whole thing. Then I took two MONTHS off of runninng. Now that I’ve got some winter chub going on I decided it was about time to get back to hitting the pavement. So, I’ve started up running again this week- taking it slow. It’s been an incredible week to start too- it was 55 degrees here today!  Hopefully this will keep me motivated and get some momentum going for me when it’s bound to turn ugly out there, cause I’m going to need it. I’ve signed up for my 2nd mini that will be on May 5th here in Indy. But, besides training for that, I’ve also got another reason to start logging some miles…

I’ve got a big New Year’s resolution reveal for you. When a friend asked me on NY’s what my resolution was I lamely said “to run more.” Well, the truth is I had a bolder resolution in my head that I was too nervous to say out loud. I knew the second I’d say it out loud I’d committed myself to either following through or failing miserably and being ashamed. But, the other day I got the guts up and told Brian, kinda testing the waters and he didn’t laugh in my face uncontrollably, so here it goes: my NY’s resolution is to run 1,000 miles this year. To avid runners that might sound like no big deal- when you do the math 1,000 miles in 365 days is less than an avg of 3 miles per day. Even if you take one day off a week. But, I know this is a seriously big resolution for me because I never run consistenly. I give up when it gets too hot and then again when it gets too cold. So, hopefully between the race in May and this resolution, I’ll keep on track.

But enough about that… I don’t want to think too hard about it.

I’ve also gotten bitten by the quilting bug while I’ve been on winter break. I made a baby quilt for my friend’s new baby, Berkley, and it was so much fun I want to keep going. (I’ll have pics of the baby quilt soonish). I also have a few more projects simmering- either partly started, planned or on a to-do list. So, naturally, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at fabric on Etsy, waiting for fabric to come in the mail, shopping at Joann’s and cutting things up. So here’s what I did today:


I got fabric in the mail! It’s by Amy Butler (from her Lotus line: Wallflower in cherry and sky) and it’s sew beautiful! It’s for an undtermined project. I got it from this Etsy shop– isn’t it cute how they wrapped it up? Thanks BelloBerry!

Then I had this delicious lunch:

Grilled eggplant, lightly grilled tomato, fresh mozarella, basil, some grilled bread, basil and a few kalmata olives. It tasted totally fresh, but I’m sure it was pretty high in calories with all that cheese… and bread.

Then, I went to Joann’s and picked up this super fun Christmas fabric:

It’s Alexander Henry Merry Modern’s Christmas Shoppers. I saw this in Joann’s last year and thought about getting some for my mom, who quilts. For whatever reason I didn’t and I’ve been kicking myself for a year because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find online. So today when I walked into Joann’s for something else, there was a bolt of it just snuggled in with all the clearance Christmas fabrics. So I snagged the whole bolt! I think it’d be fun to fussy-cut some of the little vignettes.

I can’t wait to use it! I’m going to start saving fabric for a Christmas quilt that hopefully will be ready for next year!

I also bought some new quilting rulers to use for a project I started tonight: a denim quilt made from old jeans.

This will probably take a while. I still have a couple of pairs of jeans to cut down. It’s usually fun to cut fabric, but NOT a pair of jeans! My sister made a quilt like this a few years ago and I’ve admired it since, so I decided to make something similar. I’m going to make it like a rag-time quilt, with the exposed raw seams right-side out so they’ll fray. Eventually I’ll add some flannel as a backing and yarn knot quilt it. It’ll be super warm! It’ll take a while though- I need more denim and I’m going to have to wait to piece it together at my mom’s house, since my mom told me I’d break my machine if I tried to sew it on mine. Oh well, Mom and I are used to working on quilts together- we’ve done 8.75! (8 start-to-finish, one in-progress, and one that she quilted for me).

THAT’S another post though- I’ll put pics of our finished quilts up here sometime.

Whew! I’ve got MORE fabric coming in the mail for a quilt out of the same fabric I made the baby quilt out of, since I fell in love with it. I’ve also got another group of fabrics picked out that I’d like to make a quilt out of (this includes the Amy Butler fabric above). AND my mom gave me some of her scraps to use so I can do a quilt start-to-finish by myself without spending too much money. Right!

With all these projects coming along my craft corner looks like this:

That bolt of purple polka dots is for a TOP SECRET project that will stay under wraps for a while yet!

Welcome back to my long-winded posts!

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One response to “New Year, new motivation

  1. Helen Gutowski

    January 7, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    gee sounds like this is turning into a quilting blog. Mindy I guess you got the Kozlowski gene. Your great-grandmother and great-aunt Helen used to buy fabric by the bolt just because it was on sale. Sorry Brian. Lets see who makes a christmas quilt first. I guess I should have a big lead considering all the christmas fabric I have. Maybe I should start looking for a new sewing machine.


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